Temperature Sender Failure!

Monday, June 13, 2011 | comments

Like other parts of the car, Coolant Temperature sender could also malfunction.  It depends on how long the sensor would long. If you may not know, there is only one temperature sensor associated to the temperature sender and it is very sensitive. During summer and winter, temperature sender keeps of failing as it was affected by the weather.  I once experience temp sender failure and that was such a bad experience for me. I used Standard Temperature sender for my A4 though I was not convinced with the catalytic converter that is installed on my auto. I believe this is the root cause of the issue on the temperature sender. So what I did was that I replaced the Cat and separate the engine temp sensor.
First, I clean the temp sender and try to plug it on but it cause the car to tick and warmed for long. Using a repair manual, I try to look for instructions to fix the issue. Luckily I found one, after I replaced the sensor the A4 runs well with no ticking sound at all. I highly recommend doing so before the issue gets bigger. If that is the case, the temperature sender might get damaged and could create a huge trouble. You can check out replacement parts on local junkyard as well as on the internet. There are a lot of store that offer such products of different brands and it’s up to you to choose depending on what fits on your auto.

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