Carburetor Gasket Kit: A Big Trouble

Thursday, June 16, 2011 | comments

Recently, I encountered a problem on the carburetor gasket kit and that was such a big charge to experience. I have a 99 m900 and this is my first motorcycle since I was high school. I already did some replacement with the carb. The last time I remembered was that I took it to the dealer for another replacement. They have charged me $300. Weeks later, the dealer returned it to me assuring that is ok but actually not. As I ran my baby, it once stall into a gear on the neutral mode. However then, there is a white smoke that came up on the transmission and stopped while on the neutral mode. I decided not to return to the dealer but to fix it on my own. 

Not so knowledgeable about it, I search for manual and finally found one. I’ve purchased a new Standard carburetor gasket kit plus additional front pipe and have done the replacement. The total amount I’ve shelled out was $300, the amount I paid in the labor years ago.  I've looked though a bunch of the parts diagrams using the internet and classify which one will best fit on my baby. I’d found a universal gasket kit at around $60. I was amazed with the result and was glad of it. If I were to asked, I would recommend the Standard for it has the quality and the durability, which you could found from other brands. Not that bias, im giving my thumbs up to it. :)

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