Easy Ways To Solve Turn Signal Issue

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 | comments

Turn Signal light switch issue is common to every driver. This might take place from time to time and could result to a deeper problem. As much as possible you need to resolve this issue before it ruins your day. For my Silverado, I used Standard Turn signal switch but later on it caused rapid clicking and had result for the flasher unit to barred down. The issue had started when it gets colder here in our place and the weather might be one of the factors that trigger such problem.

One way to address this issue is through the use of WD40 switch cleaner. As you may not know the turn signal switch could grabbed plenty of rust since it is located on the inner portion of your car. Good thing about this cleaner is that it is environment friendly and free of CFC which is not good to all of us. Start by removing the steering column covers without removing wired items. Doing the contradictory could result to a bigger problem most especially if you are not familiar with other parts.

After all, you can start cleaning it using WP40 cleaner and wait for about thirty to forty minutes before you put it back to your car. In this way, your turn signal switch will absorbed the chemical from the cleaner and hence the dirt or dust could not easily chase it. You can find WD40 on online stores out there. It’s up to you to choose which brand fits for your car.
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