Intake Manifold Gasket: Serious Leak Symptoms You should Know About

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 | comments

Intake manifold leaks can took place unexpectedly. Im here to give you some tips when this scenario happened. If you have a leak, the engine will be uneven or rough at idle – it just won’t idle smoothly.  You may also hear whistling or sucking, as the engine sucks air in through the leak, be it a crack or a leaky gasket.Intake manifold leak symptoms are pretty obvious. If there is a leak in the coolant passages, water or steam will leak out and should be visible either when the engine is idling, or with a puddle that forms when the engine is parked.

Take a look underneath when you park the car if in doubt. Other intake manifold leak symptoms include a lowering of the water level in the top tank. If that keeps falling you have a leak somewhere. At least a leak in the manifold is better than a leak in the cylinder head – much cheaper to replace.If possible replace the manifold with an aluminum one. You can after-market manifolds or manifold spacers that are not only stronger, but can give more power.

When you find the leak, the gas will go in through it, and the engine speed will rise, and then be smoother. Now you know where the leak is. Then, you will need to remove the manifold, first draining the coolant system, to correct the problem. I hope you find these intake manifold gasket leak tips useful.You can use a vacuum gauge to check the manifold pressure, but an easier way of finding a leak is to get a small propane gas cylinder from a hardware store, and get the engine running. Then you squirt a little gas along the edge of the manifold joint and other engine mechanical parts.
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