Chevy Spark – A Sparkling Piece

Monday, November 28, 2011 | comments

Spark has stolen the attention of many with its smart and stylish compact body. The rivalry for this new baby is not a cup of tea with more established brands like Hyundai, Tata and Maruti already breaking the barriers of success with their efficient cars..Yet, Chevrolet is slowly nudging in with its wide range of cars which have now proved that they can go head on with any of its competitors. The hatchback is bestowed with quotation style head lamps and unique round tail lamps which speak about its class. The hatchback is available with the traditional steel wheel and alloy wheel option. The placement of instrumentation pod in the center of the dashboard can create problems for drivers. The air conditioner of Chevrolet Spark takes a bit longer than usual to cool the cabin. Also, the trunk space is very less and in LPG variant it is completely taken off. The hatchback cannot take on heighted drivers due to its less spacious cabin.
The all new Chevrolet Spark is a charming hatchback with elegant and sturdy body style that gives it an edge over its rivals. Spark is somewhat similar to the forgotten Daewoo Matiz with redefined exteriors, interiors and powerful engine. Given the fact that Chevrolet is relatively new in the Indian auto market, the trust factor could avoid buyers of the thinking ‘There is always risk in going for new brands’ The presence of satin silver roof railing with shoulder line and converging line rising at the front exhilarates its exteriors with sporty looks. The beautiful, almost disappearing, upper front grille and the large lower grille guarded by fog lamps on either side exhibit the power of simplicity.

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Jeep Comanche – Old Yet Gold!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 | comments

We can’t deny it Jeeps are about the right size to fit on off-road trails, but nothing in Jeep’s (domestic) lineup offers a pickup bed.
However before you mention the recently announced Mopar kit to convert a JK Unlimited into a half-cab pickup, that just don’t cut the mustard. MJ Comanche in fact shared just about everything with the four-door XJ from the doors forward, including the UniFrame chassis and the XJ’s choice of fuel-injected 2.5L four-cylinder engine, GM-sourced carbureted 2.8L V-6 engine, or Renault-sourced turbodiesel 2.1L four-cylinder.
Under its skin, the 1986 Comanche became a sort of one-year-only design, with the substructure forward of the firewall changing in 1987 to permit the longer 4.0L engine in both the XJ and MJ.
Though Jeep continued to produce the MJ through 1992 – including the rare and desirable Eliminator versions – its fate was effectively sealed in 1987 when AMC came under the control of Chrysler, which already had its own compact pickup in the Dakota. Jeep built a total of 45,219 Comanches in 1986, the second-highest total for the MJ over its lifespan. From the cab back, however, the MJ used a specially-designed subframe that connected to the forward UniFrame chassis and used a leaf-spring suspension similar to the XJ’s, but fitted with longer springs to handle heavier loads as well as a height-sensing proportioning valve that changed the brake bias when the bed had a load in it.
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Fiesta’s Ups and Downs

Friday, November 18, 2011 | comments

There were actually debates about the latest ford model – fiesta. Let me give my opinion about it. Don’t be offend in case I point out some downsides of this car. It’s just a fact that I was assigned to do so. I know this would also help you. I don’t want to be biased at some point however. When I found out I'd have the Ford Fiesta hatchback for a weekend trip to western Michigan in which I'd have two passengers plus our luggage, I appeared to be skeptical as we'd make it there in comfort. It was so nice to be able to set out from Chicago with half a tank of gas knowing I wouldn't have to scan highway exit signs for gas stations.
If a hybrid car is out of your budget, the Fiesta's EPA-estimated combined mileage of 33 mpg would be a godsend for a daily commuter. I averaged about 34 mpg with mostly highway driving, but keep in mind the car was loaded down with three people and luggage. Although I wouldn't recommend this subcompact for a cross-country road trip with four adults, I can report we made it to our destination without a single passenger complaint. As long as you're not packing for more than a long weekend, the stylish hatchback handles gear with relative ease. But its surprising space wasn't what I liked best. However, in the occasional traffic jam or while pulling out of a toll plaza, I'd depress the accelerator only to have the transmission lag a few beats while it clearly tried to figure out what gear it wanted to be in.
For the majority of the drive, this transmission setup functioned beautifully. The six-speed automatic is actually a dual-clutch transmission meaning it uses two clutches, instead of a manual's single clutch, for better fuel economy. 
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Toyota Yaris: The Next Generation Vitz

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The 2012 Toyota Yaris for the European market appears to be more audacious and defined with its rangy headlights and sharp edges in the body configuration. And speaking of the interior, the 2012 Yaris is equipped with digital instrument panel with usual gauges. For several years that have been on in the automotive industry, Yaris model, the main dashboard is located in the middle, but now has been moved to be in front of the driver’s side for more readability. Toyota just introduced the all-new Yaris for the European market, which will be available this summer. The new 2012 Yaris is based on the Yaris HSD Hybrid concept that was debuted last year at Geneva Motor Show.
Toyota has not provided any official information about the powertrains for the 2012 Yaris yet, but we expect it to carry the initial engine line-up, which  consists of a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine and a 1.3-liter 4-cylinder engine.
In addition, Toyota will follow up with a 2012 Yaris hybrid as well, which will use the Hybrid Synergy Drive technology.The 2012 Toyota Yaris for the European market looks more bold and defined with its angular headlights and sharp edges in the body structure.
Speaking of its interior portion, the 2012 Yaris is equipped with digital instrument panel with conventional gauges.  In the previous year Yaris model, the main dashboard is located in the middle, but now has been moved to be in front of the driver’s side for more readability.

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