Saturn ion performance brake kits review

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 | comments

Saturn Performance Brake Kits by SSBC - selected by many auto enthusiasts in the top automotive discussion forums. Custom-engineered to fit your specific year, make and model vehicle. Perfect for performance vehicles, heavy rigs, and any auto with oversized custom wheels. Race-inspired design distributes powerful clamping energy for a high-performance bite. This is really the best brake kit in the history of racing almost most racing cars on Nascar use this brake kit. This one is really awesome and if you can afford this kind of brake then you should really get one. According to experts this brake kit can last up to 100,000kms without experiencing any problems with the master cylinder itself. The only problem was the brake dust but overall even if you buy a second hand kit set of these it is still good and can still be used if properly maintained.

2005 Nissan Altima, bad motor mounts

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 | comments

I am the original owner of a 2005 Nissan Altima and live in CA. I have driven this car everywhere in every possible terrain (across state lines, through all of Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe and many different ski resorts etc).

I am thorough in taking care of all regular maintenance issues and the car has not been in any major accident. It has, however, been in small bumper accidents (ie. another car bumped me in the parking lot while she was parking and other minor bumper accidents). The past several months, I have noticed that the car jerks when I shift from first to second gear. This has caused me to be gentler in the acceleration. Today, the dealer said that my right side motor mount is broken.

My question is, how often does this occur? Also, why and how did it occur? I am a defensive driver. Although I speed now and then, I am not 'heavy-footed.'

My previous car was a mid 90s base model corolla with about 180k miles on it when I sold it, and I had never had this problem with that car. Since I first purchased my Altima, I have noticed that I have many minor issues with the car (ie. rubber lining on the hood came off while driving through a car wash a few months after purchasing the car). Fortunately, they are not major performance or safety problems, however, after spending this much money on a brand new car, I expect NOT to have any such issues because they are time consuming to fix. And the extra expenses, although minor, are still extra expenses.

Great Ride With Mercury Parts

Thursday, May 13, 2010 | comments

Since 1939, we've been seeing the so-called Acura kicking on the road and streets of the cities. Today, they are still there and the manufacturer has continuously producing such vehicle. Mercury is a model created by Ford in line with other leading models like Lincoln and Zephyr. Mercury has got the attention of people since then and many of them learn to love the driving experience with this vehicle. On the other hand, the boom of online stores that offer Mercury parts also took place in the modern age. Mostly, they offer replacement parts for Mercury and other related models.

In the past, only junkyard serves as remedy every time your car gets in trouble. But now, having it repaired could take place in mere clicks of your mouse button. However, there's still downside of purchasing parts online. On the first place, you'll not gonna able to fit parts for your car and hence may end up getting the wrong part. The best way is to consult the dealer about it. As much as possible you are required to have the part number as you buy parts. Also, check out reviews and testimonials from the past owners to come up with an ideal brand. Finally, you can check out for price quotes for best deals.

Have a look at Mercury Parts for more information. 

Overview of KIA Spectra

Friday, January 22, 2010 | comments

In accordance with the doom and gloom in the economy today, KIA continuously develops fuel-efficient cars that will not only address that problem but would guarantee customer’s satisfaction. Now they came up with the compact economy cars and one of them is the KIA Spectra. Basically, this vehicle features 138HP, 2.0 engine that would definitely results to unbeatable performance. Spectra could be seen in different versions including LX, EX and SX. But aside from the performance, people also appreciate the stunning plat form that could compete to other makes like Hyundai and Ford. Spectras have started way back eleven years ago up to the present days. However, the company requires to work with it and do a move for improvement and hence the ended up with trim models which include the GS and the GX. And talking about the price, well everything rates at one’s budget.On the other hand, the tuning and maintenance could be easily done with the help of parts store online. In here, you can find basic replacement parts such as lower set gasket, bumper cover, alternator belt and other suspension parts and thus you don't have to run like a headless chicken just to address your car's trouble.
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