Is Hummer Losing Its Performance?

Friday, April 27, 2012 | comments

Just recently, the auto maker General Motors has announced the recall of so far more than 20,000 vehicles due to the piece of hood that shakes every time the machine starts the engine.  On the public point, this is just a discrepancy on the auto maker’s side but on my own point of view but to sound offensive, the performance and the reputation of Hummer was being affected. On the other hand, there are several things they should consider in order to come up with pleasant results in terms of sales.
Personally, I started experiencing weird things about my H3 when the vehicle reached the 30k miles after I bought it. I was going home from the vacation when I observed the hood is shaking at 60kph. I thought It was just a normal case when suddenly, the said thing continue to happen. As I read this article, I was convinced that there is a recall direct from the auto maker so I was the first one to go back and ask for the recall.  I was hoping everything would be under control or else I got to get my refund of having those vehicles and would provide another one. But I just want to hope that the problem would be fixed so as for the hummer to boost not just the sales but the image to the public.  Good thing now, they are dealing with replacement parts which therefore made the repair job easier than before and with the engagement of repair manuals, customers would surely be glad.

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