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Monday, February 13, 2012 | comments

The travelers expect to come to an end the U.S. leg of their tour by the finish of March, and enfold up the trip in China by mid-October. By the occasion they total their circumnavigation, they'll have travel more than 21,100 miles over more than a few country and four continents.

But the trek will be hard. The Solar World GT has been dub "the world's prettiest solar car" and by solar car standards, it's quite handsome and deluxe. It has two doors--a uncommonness in solar cars--and two standard seats in an upright position in its place of recumbent.

However, solar cars are inclined to skimp on creature comforts such as air training and heat because of the electrical load they put on the car's battery. Climate and daylight will engage in leisure a significant role in how far they will go every day. Fortunately, the team has picked a southern route to irritated the U.S., and will hopefully wrap up previous to winter hits in Asia. And not to worry, the astral car is traveling in a convoy transport teammates and provisions.

Should the Solar World GT not drop separately on them, implementation the circumnavigation will land the team in the "Guinness Book of World Records" as the best driven route in a solar car.

The most excellent part is that they won't have exhausted a dime on gas cash.
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