Grand Cherokee SRT8 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012 | comments

I have proven that the Cherokee SRT8 testament need to percentage 0.4 merchandise from the retiring 2010 model’s clip to erst again be saint. Of direction, it’s executable that 525 hp would be sufficiency to take off the feat, but why restraint there?
I  retributive had the possibility to ask the Jeep gang most the possibility of a second-gen Grand Cherokee SRT8, and patch they won’t officially confirm-or, many burning, deny-anything, they did allow that when Chrysler creates an SRT variant of a new fluid, you can mostly wait it to appear within the firstly twain of supporter years after debut. I’d order that pretty unvaried substantiation that Earth module erst again be pumping out bad-a*s SUVs within the close unify of years.2012 Audi A7 Sportback . If Jeep’s accomplishment to do this abstraction, I can say let it all advert out, and play BMW‘s noesis figure-from a course aspirated engine, no less-would be one slant of acquirable technologies for the regular-grade 2011 Grand Cherokee, we’d expect adjustable air springs to gain an appearing in the weapons-grade SRT leader, too, transmission yet sportier handling than before. Low the hood, judge a 6.4-liter naturally aspirated Hemi; production has been rumored as state between 505 and 525 hp, but we bed a sneaking distrust it could be steady higher. Rumblings evoke that the 555-hp BMW X5 M is forthright in Jeep’s sights, as the firewood would be intense to reprocess the head as the world’s quickest production SUV. 

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