Fiesta’s Ups and Downs

Friday, November 18, 2011 | comments

There were actually debates about the latest ford model – fiesta. Let me give my opinion about it. Don’t be offend in case I point out some downsides of this car. It’s just a fact that I was assigned to do so. I know this would also help you. I don’t want to be biased at some point however. When I found out I'd have the Ford Fiesta hatchback for a weekend trip to western Michigan in which I'd have two passengers plus our luggage, I appeared to be skeptical as we'd make it there in comfort. It was so nice to be able to set out from Chicago with half a tank of gas knowing I wouldn't have to scan highway exit signs for gas stations.
If a hybrid car is out of your budget, the Fiesta's EPA-estimated combined mileage of 33 mpg would be a godsend for a daily commuter. I averaged about 34 mpg with mostly highway driving, but keep in mind the car was loaded down with three people and luggage. Although I wouldn't recommend this subcompact for a cross-country road trip with four adults, I can report we made it to our destination without a single passenger complaint. As long as you're not packing for more than a long weekend, the stylish hatchback handles gear with relative ease. But its surprising space wasn't what I liked best. However, in the occasional traffic jam or while pulling out of a toll plaza, I'd depress the accelerator only to have the transmission lag a few beats while it clearly tried to figure out what gear it wanted to be in.
For the majority of the drive, this transmission setup functioned beautifully. The six-speed automatic is actually a dual-clutch transmission meaning it uses two clutches, instead of a manual's single clutch, for better fuel economy. 
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